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About Us

Welcome! Compassion Education Alliance is a global collective of compassion practitioners, educators, activists, social change agents and researchers. 

We believe compassion can change the world. Our community supports you to be a force for the greater good through courses, certification trainings and sharing. If you're interested in compassion, please join us! 

Why You Should Join Us

Help us face the rising tide of global hatred, loneliness and division - with a collective force of kindness and compassion. 

Join us to be part of the global compassion movement. 

Learn practices to strengthen your resilience, courage and purpose. Learn to teach others, and connect with likeminded friends who care about compassion.  

A Big Thanks

CEA is an independent nonprofit serving compassion educators, activists, practitioners and researchers. Our programs teach mindfulness and emotional balance so more people can become agents of change and forces for the greater good.

Your participation and contributions will fund our organization, scholarships for students and teachers in training and more!